Brenham Gun and Rod Club
P.O. Box 751 - Brenham, Texas 77834 

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On December 26th, 1902 Fred W. Martin (President of Brenham Gun and Rod Company) and H. Harrison (Secretary) signed as acting representatives of the then "Corporation" to purchase 18.1 acres of land from Mr. Watson which today is known as the Brenham Gun and Rod Club.  The landscape consisted of a diversity of fruit trees and other native species planted by the Watson Family.   The property consisted of numerous lakes and the original hand-dug artesian water well which supplies the western most lake with water.  The club built a wooden sided swimming pool below the lake which the still bears evidence of wooden long-leaf pine sides today on the property.
The property is rich with history as it supported the water supply for a cotton gin, narrow gauge rail-lines that date back the Civil War.  The property also was used for tree progeny tests and research.
Wisteia planted by William Watson around the 1870's.  These plants are currently located on the island at the great Watson Lake.

Below are some archived pictures from the past.

The original club-house shown here in pictures from 1907.  The club-house remained in use until it was replaced with the current club on the property constructed in the 1973.

A picture of the pool in the early 1920's.  This pool was filled and drained weekly with cold artesian spring water.  The pool consisted of a steel fill pipe and a drain, which supplied Watson Lake during the hot summer months with water.  The pool was state of the art for  that era.  The pool had a dividing wall which contained a skimmer aqueduct within this wall across the width of the pool.  This aqueduct also drained into Watson lake.  As the wind would blow, the floating debris on top of the water would wash into this skimmer system.  The pool measures 50 feet wide by 100 feet long.


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